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Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring


Water Resistant

Waterproof vinyl planks can be used anywhere, but they are especially ideal for rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. From accidental spills to pet messes.


Extremely Durable

Vinyl plank flooring is made to be lived on. It doesn’t scratch, indent or stain easily, which makes it kid and pet-friendly. Vinyl planks durable qualities allow you to install it virtually anywhere in your home.


Easy To Clean & Maintain

To keep your vinyl planks looking new, use a broom, vacuum or microfiber sweeper for a quick clean up. For deeper cleans, a damp mop and mild cleaner get the job done.

What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Maintenance + Care tips

Product maintanence and care will vary from product to product - product specific care is provided upon selection and may even play a role in determining your final selection of flooring. Our experienced sales team is here to coach you through selecting the product that is right for your home.

Use mats at entrances to keep grit + moisture from being tracked in.

If your floors need a little more TLC than your daily routine, once you finish sweeping and vacuuming up dust, you can get out your trusty tile mop and bucket to finish the job.

Only use cleaners approved by manufacturers - World Floor Coverings carriers/sells approved flooring cleaners. Other products can dull the finish and permanently damage the wood. This may result in loss of warranty.

The best way to prevent scratches or scuffs is to begin with removing the dirt and debris daily that could cause damage. If you end up with a scratch or scuff some light buffing might do the trick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions that is frequently asked by customers and the answers. This list intends to help people quickly find related information about your products as well as understand more about your service.

What is the difference between luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank?

LVP and LVT are both great flooring products that often get used interchangeably. The key differences are the shape & the look. LVP is sold in plank shape and closely resembles the look of real hardwood. While LVT come in tile squares and resemble ceramic or natural stones. Both options will give those great benefits mentioned earlier like being waterproof, extremely durable, and easy to install.

Is vinyl floor better than laminate?

While both flooring types are great lower-cost options that replicate the look & style of natural materials, in most cases Luxury Vinyl will be the better option. One of the main differences is that Luxury Vinyl is waterproof & can be installed in every room of a house or building, including high-moisture areas like bathrooms. Laminate is not waterproof & should only be installed in climate-controlled rooms. Finally, there is not much of a difference in the costs between vinyl & laminate, which makes Vinyl the clear choice in most situations.

How long does vinyl flooring last?

Around 20 years. If the material is installed correctly & well-maintained, then you should have no trouble getting ~20 years or more out of the flooring. This will also depend on the thickness of the wear layer. Naturally, the thicker vinyl option you go with, the longer it will last, while choosing a plank with a thinner wear layer will not last as long. Furthermore, thicker planks will generally come with up to 25 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

Will heavy furniture damage vinyl planks?

Vinyl planks are built with durability in mind, so in most cases, heavy furniture will not damage your vinyl planks. A rule of thumb is that a single vinyl plank can withstand 500lbs of weight. However, it’s important to remember that most of your heavy furniture or appliances (like a fridge) will have their weight dispersed evenly across multiple planks, not just one. The type of vinyl plank is a factor as well. SPC planks are harder & far more durable than their WPC counterparts, SPC can withstand ~2000PSI compared to ~400PSI WPC offers. This means that heavy furniture that doesn’t dispute weight across multiple planks (like a piano) may cause a WPC vinyl plank to dimple over time, whereas an SPC vinyl plank is better suited to handle the weight.


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