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If you're looking for tile or stone for your next flooring project you're in good hands at World Floor Coverings!

We've been providing high-quality tile & stone materials manufactured by the top comanies in the industry since 2001. With over 20 years of experience, our professional team can help you achieve any look you want and provide assistance along the way.

Benefits of tile & stone flooring


Easy To Maintain

One of the many advantages of tile is how easy it is to keep clean. There is no need for harsh detergents, powders, or chemical cleaners. Tile does not require repetitive sealing either.


Water Resistant + Durable

Impact resistant, and difficult to abuse or scratch compared to other floor coverings, a tiled surface will not need replacing any time soon.


Increase The Value of Your Home

Trend, design, and options! From Ultra modern, to rustic to traditional, there is a style of tile available for all tastes. With so many options available, tile makes it easy for you to unleash your creativity in any room. Versaility is truly the cornerstone of tile.

Maintenance + Care

Product maintanence and care will vary from product to product - product specific care is provided upon selection and may even play a role in determining your final selection of flooring. Our experienced sales team is here to coach you through selecting the product that is right for your home.

Dirt adheres to the surface of ceramic tile, especially the more textured finishes. Sweeping on a regular basis will loosen and remove dirt to reduce the amount being tracked accross your flooring.

Ceramic tile surfaces should be damp mopped using manfucaturer recommended grout and tile cleaners.

Most porcelain and ceramic tile is virtually impervious and does not need to be sealed (some polished porcelains need sealing due to pores being opened during the polishing process).

Do not use ammonia, as it will discolor grout.


Let Us Help With Your Next Tile Flooring Project!

Let us help you with your next Tile Flooring project!

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