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Benefits of Hardwood flooring


Easy Maintenance & Better Air Quality

Hardwood floors are incredibly easy to clean. They can be swept, steam cleaned, or vacuumed to remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated. Unlike carpet, hardwood floors do not trap dust, animal dander, pollen, particulate matter or other common allergens. This means that it is significantly easier to improve indoor air quality.


Variety of Selections

One of the primary benefits of hardwood flooring is its versatility to adapt to almost any interior design theme in your home. With a wide range of colors, shades, and species to choose from, you get natural beauty and character in your home.


Improves The Value of Your Home

When it comes time for you to sell your home, buyers will pay more for a house with hardwood than carpet. Many home buyers would plan on replacing carpets, which is why they will pay more for a house that already has hardwood floors. Because its a feature sought out, wood flooring may even help you sell your house faster.

Engineered Hardwood vs Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is an elegant and durable choice for your next flooring project. However, it’s important to know both the differences & similarities between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring to make the right choice for your home!

Solid Hardwood is made from one solid piece of 100% hardwood throughout the material, with oak, maple, or hickory being the most common options.

Engineered Hardwood is made of a solid hardwood top layer, with a finish of your choice. The core layer is made of multiple layers of premium plywood that give it great durability and flexibility.

What is Solid Hardwood Flooring?

Lifespan - Up to 100 Years:

Solid hardwood floors can be counted on to be strong & durable for many years. Harder woods like oak will offer greater durability over the course of the floors lifetime.

One of the great benefits that come with hardwood flooring is the ability to sand & refinish multiple times. So if you're looking for one flooring option to last a lifetime, consider hardwood floors.

Locations to Install:

It is advised to only install solid hardwood in the areas of your home that are above ground. Avoid basements and high-humidity areas such as bathrooms & laundry rooms or the flooring can warp.

Appearance & Price:

Solid hardwood is generally narrower than engineered with tighter seams between planks. Common species available include Oak, Hickory, and Maple in a variety of colours and finishes.

Solid hardwood is generally more expensive than engineered, however there are many factors that can fluctuate the price. Contact our flooring experts at World Floor Coverings to find the right hardwood floors for you & up to date pricing.

What Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Lifespan - 20-50 Years:

In some cases, a plank of engineered hardwood may be stronger and more durable than its natural counterpart due to the strong core layer.

However, engineered hardwood can not be refinished as much as natural hardwood can due to its thinner top layer.

Locations to Install:

Wherever you install solid hardwood, engineered hardwood can go, with the added benefit of suitable for basements, concrete floors, and over radiant heating.

Appearance & Price:

Most design options you find for solid hardwood will also be available with engineered hardwood. In some cases your desired design may only be available with engineered hardwood.

Engineered hardwood is generally cheaper than solid, however there are many factors that can fluctuate the price. Contact our flooring experts at World Floor Coverings to find the right hardwood floors for you & up to date pricing.

Maintenance + Care

Product maintanence and care will vary from product to product - product specific care is provided upon selection and may even play a role in determining your final selection of flooring. Our experienced sales team is here to coach you through selecting the product that is right for your home.

Industry recommended humidity is between 35%-55%. Please refer to your supplier site for more product specific information.

Use mats at entrances to keep grit + moisture from being tracked in.

Only use cleaners approved by manufacturers - World Floorcoverings carriers/sells approved flooring cleaners. Other products can dull the finish and permanently damage the wood. This may result in loss of warranty.

Exposure to sunlight can change the shade of the floor. Our suggestions is to close blinds or curtains when leaving the house for longer periods of time.


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